Asda Rewards is our loyalty programme. It is accessed through a mobile app and ready to use in all of our stores, as well as online. It gives you exciting opportunities to earn Asda Pounds into a Cashpot which you can spend at Asda.

There are lots of exciting things to discover when you use Asda Rewards. We have two types of offers. We call them Star Products and Missions. Star Products are specific items on which you will earn an amount into your Cashpot every time you buy them. Missions are exciting offers available in the app that you can complete as you shop.

We are inviting customers to use Asda Rewards in aall of our stores. To see what the closest store where Rewards are available in please click here
Asda Rewards is also available when shopping online on You will know if you are eligible by seeing Asda Rewards on your shopping experience online. 
At this moment Asda Rewards is not available on We are hoping to roll out to more online stores as soon as we can.

When you spend using your Asda Money Card you will accumulate cashback. You can convert your cashback into the Cashpot of the rewards app and generate vouchers to spend on your shopping. 

Your Cashpot has 6 month expiry and vouchers have 30 days expiry. 
If you have a question about your Asda Money Credit Card, please go to the dedicated credit card website or the credit card app. Here you’ll be able to:
- Manage your card and account settings
- View your transactions and statements
- Make payments
- Make transfers to your Asda Rewards Cashpot
- View frequently asked questions.
You can also use the Live Chat feature in the app to ask a question - simply click Help in the More tab. Our Live Chat team are available 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service team on freephone 0808 175 4600, and we’ll do our best to help. You can call us between 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. 

There is no physical Asda Rewards card. When you register to use the app, you’ll get a Digital Card. This contains a barcode that you simply scan when you check out. You must scan this Digital card to obtain rewards and we cannot backdate any Rewards on transactions where a scan has not been placed/forgotten.

To get the benefits of Asda Rewards on your online shopping you must register on the Asda Rewards app using the same email address you sign into Please note variations of emails will result in your accounts not being linked. if you’re still having trouble, please call our Customer Service team  - select option 1 or email us and we’ll do our best to help.
You can earn online, in the same way as in-store, by buying Star Products or completing Missions. Your earnings will show in your Asda Rewards Cashpot once your order has been fulfilled/delivered. Earnings on Missions and Star Products will be based on the price you paid on the order.
You can also use your vouchers online. You must create your vouchers in the Asda Rewards app. When placing an order, the value of that voucher will automatically be applied to your shop, if the total cost of eligible items within your shop is greater than the value of the voucher. At this point your vouchers will be "locked", meaning you cannot use these vouchers in store or on a second delivery. Once the delivery has been fulfilled these vouchers will be taken off your shopping amount and removed from your Asda Rewards app.
If your order is cancelled, you won’t receive any Rewards. For you to be eligible for Asda Rewards you must have an order delivered or collected. Any vouchers you have placed on the order will be "unlocked" and can be used on another shop. Please note that any vouchers that have expired in the interim period will no longer be valid.

If you need to return a product to us for any reason, please take it to the Customer Service desk in the store where you bought it. Our colleagues will be happy to provide a refund. We reserve the right to deduct Cashpot earnings on returned products. Please note that any payment or part-payment made with Asda Rewards Vouchers is non-refundable.

If you amend your Grocery Home Shopping order your Asda Rewards will be affected. Any Star Products or Missions that have ended and are not live on the day of amendment will be removed, but any new offers will be applied. These will appear on your Asda Rewards app once the order has been delivered.
If your order is cancelled you won’t receive any Rewards. For you to be eligible for Asda Rewards you must have an order delivered or collected. Any vouchers you have placed on the order will be "unlocked" and can be used on another shop. Please note that any vouchers that have expired in the interim period will no longer be valid.
Asda Rewards will apply to the products you have added and accept upon delivery only. If you reject any Star Products you will not receive the Asda Rewards on these items.
In the case of substitutions, you will receive Asda Rewards on the original ordered product, not the new product received. If you reject these substitutions, you will not receive the Cashpot Reward on the original items.

If you need to know more about how we store and use your data, here’s a link to our Privacy Policy. 
If you need to know more about how Asda Rewards works, here’s a link to our Terms and Conditions.  

Go to your account settings to make any changes to your account details or preferences.
We’ll only contact you using the email address you provided. The types of information you receive will be based on the marketing preferences you chose when you signed up for Asda Rewards.
Push notifications make sure that we can keep you up to date with the latest Star Products, Missions, and vouchers. If you opted out from receiving notifications when you signed up, you can opt-in by going to the More section within the app, select Push notifications and turn on your push notifications. This will enable notifications to be sent directly to you.
If you decide to leave the Asda Rewards programme you can request account deletion. Please be aware that by closing your Asda Rewards account you will also lose access to Asda Groceries, and Scan & Go. If you close your account, you’ll no longer have access to your Cashpot or unspent vouchers. Please ensure that you have converted your Cashpot to a voucher and used all available vouchers prior to closing your account.
If you still want to close your account, please call our Customer Service team - select option 1, and we’ll do our best to help. Alternatively, if you’re on an Apple/iOS device, you can delete your account from the Asda account settings page.

You must be a new Asda Rewards user to use this functionality. This card should not be used if you already have an Asda Rewards account. The Cashpot acquired on any temporary account cannot be transferred to another an existing Asda Rewards account.  A temporary card can only be used in-store, in the stores that are eligible for Asda Rewards.
A temporary card is an Asda Rewards account that has not yet been registered to you as a customer. You can browse the app, find out about Asda Rewards, and even start earning Asda Pounds by scanning your Asda Rewards temporary card.  You will be able to earn on any Missions and Star Products at this point, up to and including 30 days from creation. You will also be able to see any Asda Pounds you have accumulated in your Cashpot.
To claim your Cashpot and keep using the app, simply complete the registration process within 30 days.  You will not be able to spend any of your Asda Pounds Cashpot (in the form of vouchers or otherwise) until the account is registered with Asda. The functionality to create vouchers will also be absent until registered.

You must be a new Asda Rewards user to use this functionality. If you already have an Asda Rewards account you must use this sign in as no money can be transferred from the temporary account to an existing account.

In order to link your Asda Rewards, Asda Money Credit card and Grocery Online Shopping accounts together, all three must be registered the same email address. If you have been notifed that these details already exist when attempting to log in, try logging in with your Grocery Online Shopping details.

Once you have signed up and have been accepted for a credit card you will automatically have an Asda Rewards and Grocery Online Shopping account under the Single Sign on System. Please log in to the Asda Rewards App using the same details as your credit card account. 

A temporary account, and associated Asda Pounds Cashpot, last for 30 days from the creation of the temporary account. After 30 days, the temporary account will be frozen, meaning you will not be able to earn any more Asda Pounds. Your Asda Pounds Cashpot will be held for a further 7 days before being removed. You can register for an account at any stage in this 37 day period. You will not be able to register an email address already associated with Asda Rewards.

Missions are one of the ways you can earn into your Cashpot. Missions will require you to shop a certain number of times, buy a specific quantity or spend a certain amount on qualifying products. When you complete a Mission, you’ll earn a specified amount into your Cashpot.
Missions are displayed in the Asda Rewards app in the Earn section. Each Mission will state what you need to do to complete it and by when.
Remember, each Mission is different so always check the details. Simply scan your Asda Rewards when shopping and we’ll automatically track and record your qualifying purchases. When you complete a Mission, you’ll earn the applicable amount into your Cashpot.
Online delivery and service charges (including charity donations) do not count towards your final order total for the purposes of Asda Rewards. We only calculate Rewards on the products you buy. For information about specific products eligible for Missions please refer to the mission full details in the Asda Reward app.

Star Products are one of the ways you can earn into your Cashpot. Star Products are listed in the Asda Rewards app in the Earn section and you can also identify them by looking for the Star Products signage in store. Remember, Star Products may be specific pack sizes and variants, so always check the details.
Each Star Product will have its own Cashpot value. This will be clearly displayed in the app and on signage in store. This will be 10% of the price paid of the product on that particular transaction unless clearly stated otherwise. The app will give guidance on the Cashpot you will receive as Reward.
New Star Products will appear on a regular basis, and each product offer is only available for a limited time. The availability period is shown in the details of the offer.

Milestones are missions that will allow you to earn Asda Pounds based on your total spend that you accumulate. Milestone information can be found on the home and earn pages within the Asda Rewards app. 

They best way to complete the milestone missons is to scan your app every time you shop in store.

Unfortunately, we cannot backdate any missed scans. You must scan your card before purchases are made to obtain Asda Rewards on that shop. Please remember to scan every time to gain your Asda Rewards and fill up your Asda Rewards Cashpot.

All of your Reward earnings from Asda Rewards build into your Cashpot. You can check your Cashpot balance in the home or card page in the Asda Rewards app.

Spending your Cashpot is simple. Go to the Spend section of the Asda Rewards app, then select and confirm the amount you’d like to spend from your Cashpot. You’ll get a digital voucher, which will be automatically applied the next time you shop. Please check details on what vouchers can and cannot be spent on in the app.
Once you’ve committed to spending an amount from your Cashpot, a voucher is created. This then goes onto your card to give you the discount on your next shop. Vouchers can’t be converted back into your Cashpot balance. You can use multiple vouchers on one transaction as long as the shop contains more than the value of vouchers on eligible items.
Product exclusions apply, please see Terms and Conditions for further details.

If you find that your Cashpot has disappeared, please check that you are logged in using the correct email address as logging in with the incorrect email address will create a temporary account.

Your Cashpot history is located in the more section of the Asda Rewards app and here this will show you what rewards you have received. Within this section it categorises your Cashpot history into missions and star products. 

You must use your vouchers before the stated expiry date. In most cases, this is 30 days, but may vary on promotional spending boosts. Please check the details of each voucher in the Spend section of the Asda Rewards app. Don’t worry, your voucher will only be used if the value of your shop is the same or more than the value of the voucher and remain in your app.

From time to time, you’ll also have the opportunity to boost what your Cashpot is worth if you create a voucher to spend on certain items or during certain periods. If Boost Vouchers are available they will show in the app. Please check the details of each Boost Voucher as they have different details and may also have shorter expiry periods.

You will have 6 months, from the point of earning, to spend your Asda Pounds. Unused Asda Pounds will be removed at the end of the month, 6 months after earning. For example, if you earn Asda Pounds into your Cashpot at any time in June, those will expire if not used by the end of December. Asda Pounds earned in July and left unused will expire at the end of January. Asda Pounds are considered ‘spent’ from the Cashpot at the point they are converted into a voucher through the ‘Spend’ page in the app. Your earliest earned Asda Pounds will always be used first when creating vouchers. When you create a voucher, the voucher expiry terms (shown on the voucher) will apply.

Try one of the following:
•            Click ‘Having trouble scanning?’ under the digital card to make it larger and brighter.
•            Check that your screen isn’t cracked or dirty.
•            Check and adjust the brightness of your screen.
If it’s still not scanning, please ask one of our checkout colleagues to help you.

It can take up to 24 hours for Reward earnings to show in your Cashpot. When checking, make sure you have internet access, then open the app and go to the Cashpot History link. This will show a breakdown of all Earn and Spending history.
If they don’t show after this time, here are some reasons why Reward earnings might not show in your account as expected:
•            Check that you shopped in a participating store.
•            Check that the product you bought matches the Star Product description.
•            Check that you have fulfilled all criteria of the Mission.
•            Check the Star Product or Mission hasn’t expired.
After this, if you’re still having trouble, please call our Customer Service team - select option 1, or email us and we’ll do our best to help.

First, please double check that you successfully converted your Cashpot balance into a voucher. You can check your available vouchers on the Card section in the Asda Rewards app.  Please check that your total spend is equal to or greater than the value of the voucher you expected to use. You can’t use a voucher on a shop which is less than the voucher value.
Also, in the case of Boost or other promotional vouchers, please check that you have bought the exact product, or group of products, the voucher specifies. The discount won’t work on ineligible products.
If you still think something isn’t right, please call our Customer Service team - select option 1, or email us and we’ll do our best to help.

Please contact us if you can’t find an answer