Ways to pay for online Grocery shopping

What can I use to pay for online Grocery shopping?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Debit and Credit cards (Mastercard, Delta, Maestro, Visa Electron, Solo and American Express)
  • eVouchers (see below)
  • Asda Gift Cards (see below).

Using eVouchers

Exclusively for use online, your eVoucher will be available on your checkout page. To use it:

  • Place the items you want to buy in your basket and click Checkout
  • Click Add and your eVoucher will be added to your order – the payment details at the bottom of the page will update with any outstanding balance owed.
  • Click Continue to finish the checkout process.

Note: Some items are excluded from the use of eVouchers such as Tobacco, Infant Formula and Prescription medicines. You can still have these items in your order but they will not count towards the minimum order amount for your eVoucher.

Using Asda Gift Cards

To use a gift card you just enter the card details when you come to the checkout screen. Simply enter the 16 digit card number and the 4 digit PIN and click Add and the balance will be shown. Please note that gift card details and balances are not held within your online account, so you will need to add any gift card amounts you wish to use each time you place an order.

Do I have to spend the whole amount on my gift card in one transaction?

No. Any unused balance remains on the card until you spend it and you can spend the funds on your card in as many transactions as you like. If the items you buy come to more than the value on your gift card, you can pay the remaining balance with another payment method.

What happens if I return an item I bought using a gift card?

If you paid for all your order using your gift card, a full refund will be issued on an eVoucher so you can use it next time you shop.

What happens if I used a gift card along with other methods of payment?

If you used multiple payment methods like a debit/credit card, or an Asda eVoucher as well as a gift card, your refund will happen in the following order:

1. eVoucher will be refunded first until its max value.
2. Followed by the gift card until its max value.
3. Followed by your payment card until its max value.

For more information about Asda Gift Cards visit the Asda Cards website, check out our helpful Gift Card FAQ page or get in touch with our Gift Card Service team who will be happy to help. Call 0800 519 3333.

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