Vulnerable Customers

Help for our most vulnerable customers

We understand that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all our lives. We are working hard to feed the nation by keeping our shelves stocked and delivering 700,000 orders a week to customers across the country. We are asking our customers who are healthy and able to visit our stores to do so, so that we can focus our deliveries on those who need them most.

We have launched a volunteer shopping card to help people who cannot leave the house, but are able to ask friends, family and neighbours for support. This is a simple, contact-free way of providing money to volunteers.

We’re also working with the UK government to help the most vulnerable people in our communities and who have no support network to get food and essentials.

Who we can help

The government is sharing information with us on those people they have identified as being most in need of support. This means those people they have identified as being ‘extremely vulnerable’ and who have no-one to help them get food and essentials.

You can find out how government have identified extremely vulnerable groups by viewing government's shielding guidance. Please be aware we are not able to add customers to this list.

We have only been provided information on customers who meet both criteria, and we can only contact people on this list who are existing Asda customers.

If you have not heard from us

If you believe you meet the criteria outlined above, but have not heard from us yet, please be aware that we have so far been able to contact those based in England, Wales and Scotland. The government is working to pass us information for Northern Ireland. So if you are based there you should hear from us soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We can only contact people who:

  • have been identified by government as being ‘extremely vulnerable’ and who have no-one to help them get food and essentials.
  • And who also have an Asda account

Sign in to your Asda account and make sure your email address, phone number and address match those you gave the government. This will help us identify you.

If you are eligible for help but do not have an Asda account, check to see if someone else in your household does. If they do, ask if they can change the name, phone number and address to match yours.

The government is passing us new information all the time. We are reaching out to more customers every day.

Help for Care Homes

At Asda, we know that care homes do important work to help and support some of our nation’s most vulnerable people. So we have given our existing care home customers priority access to our delivery slots. This is an extra Asda initiative alongside our work with the government.

Help for those who are self-isolating

We are working around the clock to deliver 700,000 orders a week, but with such high demand, we’re unable to offer every household a slot. If you are relying on friends and family for help our Asda Volunteer Shopping Card will help you get funds to those who are getting your essentials for you. This is a contactless, safe and secure way to shop for others or allow others to shop for you.

More delivery slots

We’re working around the clock to make as many online shopping slots available as we can. We recently increased the number of delivery slots from 450,000 a week to 700,000 a week.

However, demand for home delivery is very high right now and we know that not everyone will be able to get a slot. If you are able to shop in store safely, or able to help others – please be assured our stores are safe and hygienic to visit and well stocked through the day.

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