Going Paperless

Why don't I get a paper delivery note?

We're going increasingly paperless as part of our mission to reduce waste.

We made this change because we were using over 40 million sheets of paper a year printing delivery notes. Placed end to end that's enough paper to run from Paris to New York and back again!

Will I still get a receipt?

On the morning of your delivery or collection, you'll still receive an eDelivery Note by email. Alternatively, you can check your Order Details page online or by using our Asda Online Groceries app.

How will I know if I have any unavailable items, substitutes or short dated items in my order?

Your eDelivery note and Order Details page outlines any items which are unavailable, substituted, or have short use by dates. This will allow you to make decisions in advance on products you may wish to return.

Our helpful and friendly customer delivery drivers and collection colleagues will talk through these items on the doorstep or at your collection point.

What if I need a VAT receipt?

If you'd like a VAT receipt for your online grocery order, please use the online web form to make your request. Please note that this can take up to 30 days.

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