How Asda charges you

Payments, charges, authorisation and more

With most online shopping, you pay at checkout and you’re done.

It’s a little different for groceries. We sell fresh items like fruit by weight and our availability changes all the time.

That means we charge you for your shopping only on the day itself.

We set up the payment ready with your bank the day before your order is due. That gives us plenty of time to alert you if there’s any problem.

Payment problems

To avoid payment problems:

  • make sure you have enough money in your account the day before your order arrives
  • make sure you have a valid payment card set up (please see managing your payment cards).

Because of the gap between when you order and when you pay, every now and then we see a problem with payment.

Often this is because a bank card expires or there’s no longer enough money in the account. This can result in an order cancellation.

To help you avoid problems like these, we ask your bank to set up the payment 1 day before your grocery order arrives. This is known as “authorisation”.

With most banks, you’ll see this shown as a “pending” payment. That means the bank has earmarked your payment so that it’s ready to go the next day.

We know some banks show this in a confusing way. But don’t worry – the charge will only go through on the day of your order. 

Need help with a payment issue?

If you need help with a payment issue, please send us some details using this form and we'll do our best to sort this out for you.

If you see more than one Asda charge

Sometimes you will see more than one charge go through from Asda.

We set up your payment with the bank the day before it is due. This allows us time to warn you if there’s a problem. It helps make sure your order is not cancelled at the last minute. But once we set up payment, it’s too late to catch last minute changes.

Don’t worry! We will update the charge straight away when you are charged. This shows as an additional charge or a refund on your bank statement.

Some banks can take a few days to put the money we send into your account. If you do not see the correction made within 3 to 5 days, check with your bank.

Last minute changes can include changes you make to your order. It also includes changes we make, such as when an item is unavailable. Or if the total for items sold by weight works out a little different to our estimate. For example, if you got extra big, heavy bananas!

How we prevent fraud

A charge from Asda of £0.01

You’ll see this when you use a new payment card for the first time. We charge you one penny and then refund it automatically. It’s how we double check to make sure it’s a real, working card. This is part of our work to prevent card fraud.

Extra security

We work with banks to make sure card payments are genuine. When you make a payment, you may briefly be shown the card issuer’s website. They may ask you for a PIN or password. This helps them catch fraud early if your card or card information gets stolen. 

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