How we take payment

How is payment taken for Online Grocery orders?

For Online Grocery shopping we take payment from debit cards and credit cards. 

To prevent fraud and to check your card details are valid, when you check out we'll verify your card using 3D Secure authentication (3DS), if your card is enabled. 3DS is a fraud prevention scheme that gives shoppers extra security on transactions that are processed online.

If your card is not 3DS enabled, for extra security we may also complete a pre-authorisation of 1p. This pre-authorisation is not a charge to your card and won't be billed to you. Your card issuer may hold this amount for a short period, but this will never be taken from your account.


We'll authorise your card for the full amount the day before or on the day that your delivery or collection is due. If you take advantage of our same day delivery or collection service, we'll authorise your card a few hours before your slot.

If the authorisation of your card is unsuccessful, we will cancel your order and contact you about next steps. For more information, visit our cancellation page.

Taking payment for all orders

Payment will be processed when you have received your shopping. Occasionally there may be a need for an order adjustment:

Credit (we've overcharged you): If the total value of goods delivered is less than the checkout amount, for example if an item is unavailable, then we will refund the difference back to your card on the day of delivery or collection. This may take a few working days to show in your account.

Debit (we've undercharged you): If the total value of goods delivered is more than the checkout amount, for example due to weighed items being more than estimated, then we will charge the difference to your card on the day of delivery or collection.

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