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Do I have to save my card details?

No. When you checkout, you will have the option to Save Card for Future Use, or Use Card Once.

If you choose to use your card once, your card details won't be saved against your account. You'll still be able to amend your order until the cut off time without having to re-enter your details. Check out our FAQ on amending your order.

Remember- even if you choose to save your details now, you can always delete them later.

How do I amend my card details?

Adding, amending and deleting saved payment cards couldn't be easier. It's just a few clicks and done.

Here's how:
1. Visit the Asda Groceries website
2. Then click on Sign in and enter your registered email address and password
3. Click on Your account
4. Select Account settings
5. From here you can Add New Card, Edit to amend your current card details or select Delete to remove your card

If you would like to edit the card number or card type, you will have to add a new card. You can only amend the billing address, name on card and expiry date of your current cards.


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