Card Payment Declined

Print Why was my card declined?


For your personal security we don't see the reason why a card is declined. If it is, you'll need to contact your card issuer for more information. If this happened at the checkout we can try the process again or we'll ask if you have another way to pay. We can also suspend the transaction and keep your shopping in a safe place for a short time to give you a chance to call the card issuer if that helps.


Gremlins in the system!


If a card transaction has been interrupted for any reason when our machines are authorising your payment, a temporary hold may be placed on the amount we're trying to authorise. Your card issuer may need to speak to you to authorise the transaction.  Sometimes authorisation may not be given and we'll ask if you have another way to pay.


What will happen next?


If the money is held in suspense but hasn't been taken from your card, your card issuer will let you know when it will be released. If it has been taken from your account a colleague in-store will help with this. We'll need you to show us we've taken the payment twice. A bank statement is helpful!


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