Asda Delivery Pass

Want to save money with an Asda Delivery Pass?

How does the Delivery Pass work?

Our Delivery Pass is a great way to save money on home shopping delivery costs. Instead of paying a delivery charge each time you shop with us you can make a one-off payment and save up to £101* or choose a pay monthly plan.

There are different types of passes available, all with these simple conditions of use:

  • A minimum order amount of £40 applies unless otherwise stated
  • Use of a Delivery Pass is limited to one delivery per day
  • You can only have one Delivery Pass on your account at any one time.

Delivery Pass payment, renewal and expiry

When you sign up for a Delivery Pass we take your payment as soon as you purchase it. If you choose a monthly payment plan, we'll take payment from your card once a month.

When you purchase a '12 month Anytime' pass type you will be automatically opted in for auto-renewal which means your pass will automatically renew every 12 months, but don't worry, we'll keep you informed about when your pass is coming up for renewal or expiry so you can choose what to do. Please note: If you chose to set your auto-renewal to 'OFF' and your pass expires before the date you want to book, you will not be able to see the time slots beyond the expiry date. To avoid this, please reset your auto-renewal to 'ON'. Auto-renewal doesn't apply to the other pass types.

Cancellation and refunding of Asda Delivery Pass

When you purchase a Delivery Pass, a 14 day cooling off period applies from the day of purchase.

If you decide to cancel your Delivery Pass inside the 14 day cooling off period and you have not used it, you'll be refunded the cost of the pass in full.

If you decide to cancel your Delivery Pass outside the 14 day cooling off period or you have used the pass, we are not able to refund any payments already received. However, if you purchased a pay monthly plan we won't charge you for any future instalments.

To cancel your Delivery Pass:

1. Visit the Asda Groceries website
2. Sign in to My Account
3. Click on Your orders
4. Click on Delivery Pass
5. Click on Cancel Delivery Pass.

More information

For more information visit our Delivery Pass page to see how much you could save.

*Based on one shop per week at an average weekly delivery cost of £3 (£156). Anytime 12 month pass costs £55 a year.

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