The amending an order process has changed

Amending your order is now quicker and easier


Why don't I have to enter my CVV when I amend my order?
The changes we've made to checking out means that amending your order is quick and seamless. We take your security very seriously, and you can be assured that your bank details will still have the same security and protection around them.
Our authorisation process hasn't changed, we will still complete a pre-authorisation of 1p to ensure the card details provided are active each time the order is amended.

How will I know if my amends have gone through?
When you have amended your order you will be taken to the order confirmation page. An updated order summary will be sent to your email address.

Why have I been asked to enter my CVV code in again?
There may be times when we still ask you to input your CVV. This is a standard security feature and should not cause alarm.


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