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We've listened to our customers and we've learnt that our payment process was rather complicated, so, we've made some changes to make it easier.


Up until 2nd September 2015, we completed a pre-authorisation of 1p to make sure the card details provided were active (this happens each time the order is amended) and on the day of delivery / collection we also submitted authorisation for the order value. Once your order was delivered/collected, the order value was taken.


From 2nd September 2015, we'll still complete the 1p pre-authorisation and request authorisation on the day of delivery / collection. The change comes in once delivery / collection is completed, rather than taking payment for the delivered / collected amount, we'll take payment for the full checked out order amount.


On occasions there will be a need for an order adjustment:


Credit - the total value of goods delivered is less than the checkout amount (e.g. unavailable item); the difference will be refunded onto your card on the day of delivery/collection, which may take 3 - 5 working days to show in your bank account.


Debit - the total value of goods delivered is more than the checkout amount (e.g. due to weighted items being more than estimated), the difference will be debited from your card on the day of delivery/collection.


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