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Why do Asda charge for carrier bags? Print


From the 5th October 2015 a legislation change in England means that all large stores have to charge for single use carrier bags. The legislations were created to help safe guard the environment and to encourage customers to use reusable bags and to reduce our carbon foot print.


What does it mean to me?


For our grocery home shopping customers who receive deliveries there'll be an optional charge of 40p per order.


Can I choose not to use?


You can choose whether you'd like your order in carrier bags or not at the checkout, though some items such as meat will still be delivered in bags for hygiene reasons; these bags will be free of charge.


Collect from lockerbox?


For our customers that use our lockerbox collection points, the Transport for London sites or our automated collection points we'll charge you the 40p carrier bag fee as we're unable to deliver your shopping without bags. It's all in a good cause Just to let you know all the proceeds, less the VAT from these charges will be donated to charities and good causes across the UK.


Shopping in store?


Carrier bag charges of 5p apply in all our stores. These were introduced in line with the legislation set by the government.


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